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IAFSM  Conference 2018 - Ft. Worth, Texas

-Layout of off-site event to include vendors and law enforcement from around the world in a SIM-City with the theme: Active Shooter. 

-Instructor for a class on the history of laser scanning and of land surveying. 

-Evaluate the attendees on the documentation of evidence collection.

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Scanning around Town - Over a gorgeous weekend we scanned some historical and interesting places around Pittsburgh, PA and met some people interested in the equipment we had. The Photo Gallery has some of our resulting work, contact us for more, we'd love to share or scan something for you!

GM - Manufacturing facility scanned and surveyed for structural as-built documentation.

Rust-Oleum - Facility scanned for updating equipment and internal static structures. 

Glad to have been a part of this NIST ASTM E3125 Standard. Article by Sean Higgins

Seattle, Washington - New equipment training with "in the field" work to ensure cohesion to existing workflow. 

Medina, Ohio - Scanned the town Gazebo and evaluated the workflow for an existing scanning service provider as well as the overall time to scan, register, and evaluate a house for detail. 

Clarion County - Scan a wood carving of a Bigfoot for a skills in carving competition. Clarion Cow, a historic landmark of the county at a family farm. 

KT - Scanned for a remodel and upgrade to the existing space for increased production.


Our Current Mission - To create a standard in the scanning world for a better educated consumer and more transparency from the hardware manufacturers for comparison equivalency. 

We are proud to be a part of the USIBD in this effort.

Feedback from users is requested regarding items of interest in making purchasing evaluations and decisions.

Our Mission Statement – Our "Why" is helping clients to become the most informed and efficient providers in their market through equipment knowledge and training, software for the processing of data, and the workflow that makes it all run seamlessly. 

Our Company Policy – Our policy is to always listen to the client and understand their needs, first and foremost. From these initial conversations we can best determine how we can help them and begin the process of suggestions and implementations of improvement strategies. 

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Pittsburgh Local Scans - taken with a Z+F IMAGER 5010X, targetless registration.

KT - 47 Scans, targetless, 2.7 mm deviation

Rust-Oleum - onsite demo of the new Leica RTC 360 scanner used in conjunction with a P30 for 200+ scans total

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