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IAFSM 2020 - Nashville, TN

Presenting the 2nd annual Basic Laser Scanning Certification Course

#GM - Manufacturing facility scanned and surveyed for structural as-built documentation.

Gabriel Brothers Chemical - Scanned 3 facilities for improvements

#IAFSM  Conference 2018 - Ft. Worth, Texas

-Layout of off-site event, a SIM-City with the theme: #ActiveShooter. 

-Instructor for a class on the history of laser scanning and of land surveying. 

-Evaluate the attendees on the documentation of evidence collection.

Links to recent local projects with no download required.

#Rust-Oleum - Facility scanned for updating equipment and internal static structures. 

Glad to have been a part of this #NIST ASTM E3125 Standard. Article by Sean Higgins

#Seattle, Washington - New equipment training with "in the field" work to ensure cohesion to existing workflow. 

#Medina, Ohio - Scanned the town Gazebo and evaluated the workflow for an existing scanning service provider. 

#ClarionCounty - Scan a wood carving of  Bigfoot for a skills in carving competition. Clarion Cow, a historic landmark of the county at a family farm. 

KT Nail - Scanned for a remodel and upgrade to the existing space for increased production.


Our Current Mission - To create a standard in the industry for more transparency from manufacturers for comparison equivalency. 

We are proud to be a part of the #USIBD in this effort.

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Pittsburgh Local Scans - taken with a Z+F IMAGER 5010X, targetless registration.

KT - 47 Scans, targetless, 2.7 mm deviation

Rust-Oleum - onsite demo of the new Leica RTC 360 scanner used in conjunction with a P30 for 200+ scans total